Freeline Skate Singapore

All new skating experience

Learn to Ride

Freeline skates are ridden with the same technique as a skateboard or snowboard, except with independent feet. As you ride, you can carve smooth “S” turns while riding downhill and dance like a fish on the flats and uphill. Riders start by centering each foot on a skate and pushing off a wall or a gentle slope to get rolling. Next, the rider turns the heels of the feet in and out repeatedly, creating a core twist for momentum. With each turn and swing of your body, you’ll move with more traction and confidence.

It is recommended that beginners start learning with Freeline Cruiser. It has a lower deck height and smaller wheels for easy maneuvering. Training wheels can also be fitted to aid you in the early stages of learning.

Only 3 (simple) steps to learn to free-skate like a pro

  1. Watch training video on Youtube and Freeline websites all over the world
  2. Grab a friend along
  3. Practice…Practice…Practice…!

Beginners can start learning the basics anywhere with a wall or railing for support. You can even do it at home!

Freeline Basics

Freeline basics from the inventor of Freeline, Ryan Farrelly

Tutorial Videos From Japanese skaters

Credits to FLSteamBushi on Youtube. Subscribe to them now!