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A pair of Freeline skate – Cruiser (includes 1 X Freeline Carry bag)

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Not quite a skateboard and not quite a rollerblade, the Freeline Crusier skates provide a whole new skating experience.

Freeline skates are ridden with the same technique as a skateboard or snowboard, except with independent feet. As you ride, you can carve smooth “S” turns while riding downhill and dance like a fish on the flats and uphill.

Riders start by centering each foot on a skate and pushing off a wall or a gentle slope to get rolling. Next, the rider turns the heels of the feet in and out repeatedly, creating a core twist for momentum. With each turn and swing of your body, you’ll move with more traction and confidence.

The Cruiser is Freeline’s entry-level skate, with a design customized for quick learning and cruising. The skate’s compact build is low to the ground, making it easier to turn than Freeline’s other skates. Construction details include grind plates, stamped and bent steel trucks, 72mm wheels (82A), and wooden decks.

Note that this batch of Cruiser skates come with EVO wheels (similar to Freeline OG). 

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  1. Jq

    Very prompt seller with good follow up. ?

  2. LJY (verified owner)

    I wantEd to try this since the day i saw them. Finally took the plunge and bought a pair. Been TryIng to learn and its lots of Fun, Highly recomMended.

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